Nowhere is there anything to compare with the magnificent Victoria Falls, one of the seven wonders of the world. No visit to the Victoria Falls region is complete without a stay at one of the lovely lodges on the river.

Zambia’s wildlife experience is fast approaching Botswana’s reputation and in our opinion some of the regions are more diverse providing the opportunity to experience the magnificent landscape and many species of wildlife not found in Botswana.

Zambia is also renowned for its bird life.  At the right time of year join a safari  encompassing  the South Luangwa, Kasanka, on the hunt for the remarkable shoebill stork, you will also encounter elephants, lions, giraffes, and host of other species.

The Bangweulu wetlands, just north of Kasanka are one of Africa’s most spectacular wildlife secrets with over 100,000 black lechwe and the world’s most visible shoebill storks. Kasanka is famed for having over 400 bird species, as well as both the tsessebe and highest population of the shy sitatunga species of antelope. The South Luangwa and Zambezi River add to the wildlife experience with the chance to see wild dog and explore the lush, colourful landscape and the Luangwa river.  Walk in the Zambezi Valley or South Luangwa with buffalo & elephant watching you go by.

Zambia is a country of absolute beauty, coupled with excellent game viewing and a country of heart warming people.

Africa 2000 Tours  offers you game viewing Safaris in the remote, pristine areas of the mighty Victoria Falls, Luangwa Valley, Northern Luangwa, Basunga Plains, Kasanka and Kafue.

We are reminded daily of the world’s disasters.  A trip to these tranquil areas of Zambia allows you to leave the news behind you, to observe the harmony of nature, untouched and unchanged.  Our safaris offer top quality game viewing safaris with maximum flexibility, personalized attention and excellent cuisine.

The amazing ability of the local people of the Luangwa to build camps out of local materials ensures your memories are unique to the area you visit. Share the peace and freedom of our routine day!

Photos © to Africa 2000 Tours (Gill & Graham Maskell), Bushcamps company