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Add a substantial dose of adventure, a healthy serving of African culture and unsurpassed wildlife and you have a holiday and an experience that you will cherish forever.


Do you dream of that ultimate, trouble free African safari?

We can make that dream come true


Africa 2000 Tours is a company operated by people who have been involved in Travel and Wildlife Safaris since childhood, people who were raised and have traveled through the remote regions of  Africa  and beyond. We would like to share with you our passion for Africa, its wildlife, culture, and outstanding scenery. With our wide diversity of expertise we will plan every aspect of your African  vacation, ensuring you a very personal experience.


Africa is one of the most unique and diverse tourism destinations in the world offering a wide range of outdoor activities to suit almost any interest – walking, hiking, wildlife safaris, the Big 5, golf, scuba diving, cultural experiences, photography, ornithology, traditional luxury steam train safaris, hot air balloon flights over the wilderness areas, these are to name but a few of the activities.

Holidays are a time for which one has worked hard and waited a long time to enjoy. It is important therefore that while being able to relax, valuable time is used to the best advantage.

We do not offer packages or bus tours for large groups, but provide personalized exclusive holidays for couples, families and friends. Each vacation is tailored to suit individual budgets, priorities and interests, and is planned on a personal basis with constant monitoring from beginning to end.

Your Adventures and destinations can be self drive or fully guided, depending on your requirements.   For the more remote or inaccessible areas we arrange fly in itineraries with commercial and private charter companies.

Our African adventures focus on South Africa and the neighboring countries of Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya, Malawi, Namibia, Rwanda and Uganda

Throughout your journey, there is one thing we can guarantee. The spirit of Africa and its people will touch you. It might be a herd of elephant against a blood red sunset, the cooling spray thrown up by the magnificent summer thunder storms  or a simple handshake and a smile from a village elder.

Somewhere along the way, you will experience something uniquely African, leaving an indelible print on your memory.

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